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susan maxwell bjerke

I've been an artist since someone gave me crayons in the early years and told me not to write on the walls. I've done mixed media, watercolors, ceramics, mosaic art, sketching and encaustics. It wasn't until I was forced into retirement by the sale of my company where I worked to support my art supply habit that I found Pastels. I began researching pastels by looking at you tube for artists good at what they do and willing to share how they do it. People like Ria Hills, Marla Baggetta, Karen Margulis, Gail Sibley and Bethany Fields who have youtube channels, patreon accounts and share their methods, tips and classic art instruction on value, color, chroma and more. I also took to heart Carol Marine's suggestion that an artist needs to paint daily to become accomplished. It's the painting a day that led to all of this, the blog, the website, the Daily Paintworks because what in the world do you do with a painting a day after 30,60,90,120 days? I've got too many paintings! I'm hoping my viewers will help me answer that question...and let me send some of my art out into the world.